Some Feedback...

I really don't get it, but what you've done is genious. I've had my FS for about 6 mos. now and everything you've done with your recordbox app is everything I've wished I've had for the whole six months now.
you are a FS god!

Thank you Pete!

This little app saved about a hundred Mp3's that I thought were
a lost cause in FS. I can tell some hard work went into this app and I would like to say, keep up the good work!!

Suggestion: (if you dont mind)
1. Tab Sorting

Thanks Again

wow flattie, you are amazing, that is exactly what I want. You are selflessly doing what stanton should have included without you spending all your hours. and let me tell you that if it works, I will keep using your proggie even if later versions of FS do the same thing (Im not a linux boy)


Pete! It works now!

Great that you fixed it. now i can discover your wonderfull program :))
Keep up tha good work,
(ow btw maybe some of us should team up and write a simple help file for it? or am i the only newbie who thinks that would be handy?)


Pete, the FS Record Box Editor is simply fantastic! Thank you for contributing valuable time and efforts to develop such useful tool.


Wow, flatfeetpete. That's one impressive program you tossed up real quick ! Much appreciated !!!
It stripes *much* faster than RecordBoxing in FS it seems, too ;) The function to remove crap is also very handy. Neat.


you rock Pete!

i am happy like a child when i see new updates of your tool.

thanks, thanks, thanks...


Definately a PHAT tool. THanks so much for this. I cleaned and re-encoded all my files, and all but 3 work now. Very useful app, and in windows, striping is a breeze, and it seems to work faster. Thanks again.

Ari (a.k.a DJElement9)

Just came back to the board and found this. Really top, thanks. It's solving lots of problems for me.
I'm not up for reading the feature requests, so sorry if this has been posted, but could the software take a bpm extracted by PCDJ (for instance, but in the bpm field anyway) and stick it in the id3 info? like BPM=xxx as a comment?


this program is SIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK! woooo just what i needed, mate!

The program fixed ALL the tracks i was having trouple loading in FS. flatfeetpete, you are a life saver!!!!!



hmm you say the next step is reading all the fs data... that means editing the fs dat is comming after that...

this makes me happy!! you rock hardcore mr flat feet


Thank you so much!


I can't believe how quickly flatfeetpete developed this great program. It's been exactly one month since first alpha release has been made public! I think everyone on this board would agree that flatfeetpete's contribution of his time and effort here has been the most outstanding. We owe to thank you BIG TIME, flatfeetpete!!


It appears Stanton hasn't found the time and resources needed to enable this extremely complex feature yet. You can however download flatfeetpete's Windows based app here which will allow you to listen,stripe,repair,bpm calculate,sort and more. Get it while its hot!


your app is amazing. I hope stanton recognizes your all your good work and adds your app to final scratch. As it is a neccessity for any final scratch user. Once again I sincerely thankyou for all of your hardwork.


Pete I think you are the first programer whose product I use that I am willing to pay for. Being a student I am broke but are you taking donations?


I didn't take the money :)

hi ! the download worked . wow . with this tool final scratch now really rocks !!! thank you !!! great work !!!


thank you, thank you, thank you flat pete.


OH MY GOD! I just wanted to say this thing is amazing! I just got my FS up and running and about 20-30% of my mp3s (about 80% of my favorite ones) wouldn't load onto the FS. I was told I had to re-encode every single one - then this program fixed them all in a matter of minutes. Thanks!

Jeremy Stacy aka Aamano

yeAAAAAAAHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh !!
Flatfeetpete !!!!!!
Thanks again for your hard work !


It keeps getting better and better...thanks Pete.

Doc Justice

ps: FlatFeetPete >> Great App, cheers mate.


"You just have to love people that see a problem and take matters into their own hands to fix them. Peter Bradshaw is soon to be looked upon a Final Scratch GOD. Peter has spent the time to sit down and write a program to fix your Record Box in Final Scratch WITHIN WINDOWS!!! This little program will open the Final Scratch record box and repair almost any MP3 that doesn't seem to work with Final Scratch. Final Scratch Music is very proud to be a download location for Flatfeetpete's AWESOME creation! Just go to our Toolz N Toys download section NOW!"

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