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Final Scratch??

Final Scratch is made by Stanton Magnetics. Two pieces of time coded vinyl control your audio files.

What's available?

All Files are here. Available Bits:

Tune Mover

Tune Mover is a testbed for ideas I have about mp3 analysis and organisation. It's page is here.

Record Box Editor

An Important note on versions

This application is only designed to operate with the 1.0 version of Final Scratch.

If you do not have Final Scratch and the 1.0 version of the Final Scratch Software, this software will be of little or no use to you.



Screenshots and full information on this page.

Summary Feature List

The latest readme is here. It may be more up-to-date than the downloadable exe by a version.

Many people have said nice things about this app. Comments collected here. (most from here)

Set Recorder

There's a set recorder too, more of a proof of concept than anything else. See this forum for details of use (search for setboy). I will do readme's later. A directory of bad samples here.

Report: Final Scratch on RH8

I installed final scratch on a Red Hat 8 Linux installs, and took a few shots and wrote up my experiences.

Report: Why FS doesn't like your mp3's

A document in progress, includes contributions.

Report: Virtual Lock Grooves / DIY Y Records

A document in progess, includes a sample wav and mp3.
A scratch record biased calculator is in the works. An early version is here.

Report: The Editor's BPM Algorithm

Maybe not as clear as it could be, but its a start.

Report: Scratchamp Innards

A few pix from Khris.

Report: Sideone's FS1.0 on custom linux guide

Mirrored here after the death of

Alternative file

This version does not have the on/off buttons for decks. Some people experience hangs when these buttons are pressed.

Only reccomeneded if your comfortable copying files around etc.

You con download it here

Mailing Lists

There's a pair of mailing lists, one for announcements about releases and another for discussion on possible interesting hacky things to do with final scratch.

You can sign up here:

Lower level Stuff...

The sourceforge homepage is here.

Here's a little tool to expand final scratch database files. It produces output like this or this. The second example failed to stripe.
Here's a doc describing the FSDB format.

And just to be selfish, here's the list of stuff I do when I do a release.

Try CVS if you're a coder. New members welcome.

More Links

Oh here's a picture of the fs cd adaptor.

Bewdy, Maaate!
FS install on other Linux @ .: boston raves :.
How to get USB devices working under Linux
id3lib - The ID3v1/ID3v2 Tagging Library
ListView Control - Table of Contents
MD5 Homepage (unofficial)
MFC Programmer's SourceBook : Comments
Stanton Message Board - Final Scratch

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